Jeremy Williams


GunCraft was founded with the concept of bringing innovation to the kydex market. We offer an array of options to let the customer get as creative as they want during the build process. GunCraft has the goal of placing no restrictions on you, the client from getting exactly what you want out of a holster. All of our holsters are put through long building and test phases before they are offered to customers to assure they hold up to all the abuse customers may put them through. We also believe that the clients voice is the most important which is why we include a customer notes section at the bottom of each model to hear what you truly want.

Depending on the option you select a typical GunCraft holster can range from 1 hour to 8 hours in production time. Some may find these time frames a bit excessive, but we believe the finished product and compliments you will receive make it all worth it. When you purchase one of our holsters, you can be sure that it was built with pride.