What is your current lead time?

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We are currently running at around 6-14 weeks on Custom items.  PLEASE REMEMBER THIS IS JUST AN ESTIMATE AND COULD BE SHORTER OR LONGER.  Lead time is something we are constantly striving to cut as we know it is important for you to have your gear in a timely manner. We hate waiting for gear as much as you do and are doing our best to keep up. Our holsters tend to have many hours involved resulting in long build times per order. We cannot guarantee lead times as its very difficult to predict both order quantity and order intensity, but we are working hard to get your orders out ASAP.

Can I cancel an order?

Yes an order can be cancelled up until the time of production.  If your item has started production it can no longer be cancelled or altered.  This applies to both Custom Shop and Core items.  A 10% cancellation fee will be applied to kydex only orders and a 15% fee applied to suede orders.  This is due to us pre-buying material for your specific order and the change order time.

Can I get suede on the inside of the holster?

We do not offer suede on the inside of holsters. Suede would actually wear your gun worse than kydex because it will hold dirt, moisture, rocks, etc. inside your holster with your gun. Suede on the inside of the holster will also diminish many benefits that come from a kydex holster, particularly the ability for fast clean draw and an audible “snap” when reholstering.

How well does the suede hold up?

We have numerous IWB test holsters that have been worn every day for long periods of time and have held up extremely well and still look as if they are new. Obviously suede will wear if it is constantly in contact with something harder, pocket knife clip for example.

Can I run a weapon with no light in a holster that was built to be light bearing?

We would not recommend doing this especially if you are going to be doing explosive movements, running etc. We would recommend that you get dedicated rigs for this situation.

Why are the stitched suede holsters so expensive?

The stitched suede holsters are extremely time consuming. They take many hours to complete and have a long checklist of steps to be taken before they are ready to be used by the end user. These holsters have an hour of labor in them before the mold process even begins; most of that labor is in the stitching process.

Why should I get suede on my IWB holster?

We developed our suede IWB holsters for function first and look second. Suede IWB holsters are very comfortable as compared to plain kydex, but also offer heat dissipation. While doing high volume shooting from IWB, we noticed the gun heating standard kydex to the point where it was nearly unbearable to wear. This problem is reduced or almost disappears completely when using one of our suede IWB holsters.

What colors can I get on my custom holster?

All of our current colors, patterns, and options are listed here.

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